Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

PT. Angkasa Pura Schiphol, company who has developed Saphire, which gives a preferential treatment at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and other airports at later stage by providing Saphire Services.

The person who concluded the Saphire Membership Agreement with APS and already enrolled in the Saphire system.

The package of exclusive airport services program offered by APS special to its Members.

Electronic Information System – Immigration Card (EIS-I Card)
One of Saphire facility which enables Member to fast track the immigration clearance process electronically upon departure/ arrival.

Preferred Security Lane
One of Saphire facility provides a special lane exclusively intended for Member to do security check before entering the check-in area.

Preferred Airline Check In
One of Saphire facility which provides a special check in counter at participating airlines, exclusively for the Member.

Preferred Parking
One of Saphire facility which provides a special parking area exclusively for the Members.

Preferred Check-in Lounge
One of Saphire facility which provides a special check-in lounge for the Members.

This Saphire membership agreement between Member and APS with regard to Saphire facilities.

Saphire Card
Card with the chip (whether or not equipped with a magnetic strip) with the Member’s personal and travel data in it that enables the Member to make use of Saphire facilities.

Saphire Service Centre
Where all the activities (enrolment, membership account closing, card replacement, updating data etc) related to the Saphire membership shall take place.

Annual Fee
Membership fee charged annually to Member by APS as a compensation for providing the Saphire facilities.

Travel Document
The valid travel documents (Passport, KITAS/KITAP, Visa Permit) which is needed by Member to travel aboard.

Angkasa Pura
PT Angkasa Pura II (persero) and/or PT Angkasa Pura I (persero), state owned enterprises, who are given the authority by the government to manage the airports in Indonesia.

2. Applicability of the Agreement
2.1. The general terms and conditions apply to this Agreement.
2.2. The Agreement is formed by APS, upon acceptations of the application form filled in and signed by the potential Member which acceptation is considered to have taken place at the moment the Member receives the Saphire Card after the enrollment process done.


The potential Member considered a Member if all the enrolment process is already done and the Member has already paid the Annual Fee.


APS shall provide Saphire exclusively to the rightful owner of valid Travel Document registered as Member.


After the formation of Agreement, Member shall do the enrolment process at Saphire Service Center designated by APS for the making of a Saphire Card.


APS will capture the biometrics and taking a photo of the Member.


In the event that it is impossible to make a good result of biometrics data image that meets the standard of APS (as a result of the Member specific condition) and no Saphire Card can be made for the Member, in that case APS shall terminate the Agreement with immediate effect.


Directorate General of Immigration – Republic of Indonesia have a full mandatory right to reject the membership application form without mentioning any reason. In this event, APS shall terminate the Agreement in immediate effect.


APS has the right to reject the membership application or to terminate the Member’s membership immediately if the Member/ potential Member have improper behavior and/or neglect of the airport’s safety and security regulation set in by APS and/or Angkasa Pura.



Directorate General of Immigration – Republic of Indonesia have a full mandatory right at anytime and with immediate effect to block the Member’s EIS.I Card facility without time limitation and mentioning any reason. In this event, Member will loss the right to use the EIS.I Card facility but other Saphire facilities still can be used.
2.11 Related with the article 9 and article 10, this clause, in the event that Member loss the right to use the facility(-ies) of Saphire, APS not obliged to refund the Annual Fee paid by the Member.
3. Saphire Facilities
3.1. The range of Saphire facilities offered is determined by APS and shall include but not limited to: EIS.I Card, Preferred Security Lane, Preferred Parking, Preferred Airline Check In and Preferred Check-in Lounge.
3.2. APS shall notify Member of any extensions or changes to the range of Saphire facilities offered.
3.3. Facilities provided may different at each airport and shall depend on the airport’s condition and the needs of the Member’s at designated airport’s location.
4. Saphire Card
4.1. The Saphire Card shall be and remain the property of APS. Saphire Card is strictly personal and individual cannot be used by any other person but the Member and is non-transferable.

Any changes or alterations made to Saphire Card shall invalidate the Saphire Card with immediate effect.

4.3. In the event of any of the registered Travel Documents is expired, theft or loss, Member’s right to make use the EISI Card facility shall be terminated until the Member register the new Travel Document.
4.4. Upon acquisition of the new Travel Document, Member should update the data registered at Saphire Card that Member can make use the EIS.I Card facility.
4.5. For updating the data on Saphire Card, Member should bring the Saphire Card (if any), original new Travel Document, original old Travel Document (if any valid Visa Permit is on those travel document) and lost report from the police office (in relation to the lost Card) to Saphire Service Center.
4.6. Member shall immediately notify APS in the event of lost and/or theft of the Saphire Card. Member must do the confirmation of the lost/theft to APS in a written notification.
4.7. At the first request of APS, Member shall report the lost and/or theft of the Saphire Card to the police and Member shall provide APS with a copy of such report.
4.8. After Member notifies APS of the lost/theft, APS shall make an effort to render impossible use of the lost or stolen Saphire Card as soon as possible. A new Saphire Card shall subsequently be made available to the Member for which purpose a new biometric pattern image will have to be made.
4.9. For the purpose of re-issued the new Saphire Card, Member will be charged based on the condition of the lost card at APS.
4.10. In the event that Saphire Card is damaged, Member shall return it to APS. A new Saphire Card shall then be made available to Member if APS concludes that the damage in question renders all further use of the card impossible. In order to re-issue the new Saphire Card, APS shall re-take the biometrics data of the Member at a time to be agreed upon with Member. For this purpose, Member shall not be charged.
4.11. At the end of the technical life of Saphire Card, following notification thereof from APS, Member shall make an appointment with APS to have a new Saphire Card made.
5. Payment
5.1. In exchange for the provision of the Saphire’s facilities, APS shall charge an Annual Fee to Member directly upon application which fee shall be based on Rupiah or other currency (the valid current rates).
5.2. Annual Fee shall be made publicly by APS in a manner sufficiently knowable, including in any case by publication on the Saphire website at (www.saphire.co.id).
5.3. The Annual Fee shall be in force throughout membership expiry of each annually Saphire membership.
5.4. After the payment of Annual Fee for the first year that payable upon application, the Member must ensure every year that APS shall receive the amount due prior to the subscription year to which the payment relates. In the event that APS did not receive the Annual Fee in time, the Member shall be in default and APS shall be entitled to suspend the Saphire membership until the payment made by the Member.
5.5. APS, at anytime, may change the pricing of Annual Fee.
5.6. APS shall notify Member of any such pricing changes before the effective date of any subsequent subscription year.
5.7. In the event of an Annual Fee increase, the Member shall have the right – contrary to the provisions of Article 9 point 1 this Agreement – to cancel the Agreement in writing with effect from the subscription year that the changed price relates to, without observing the notice period of 2 (two) months.
6. Other obligation of the Participant
6.1. Member shall have the right to use EISI Card if :
a) Departs from or arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport – Jakarta (or any airport where Automatic Border
Passage has already installed) by airplane.
b) Carries a valid Travel Document and travel ticket (airline ticket or boarding pass) that may be checked at random.

Member shall follow:

a) all instructions given by or on behalf of APS and/ or Angkasa Pura for the purpose of order, security and safety at
the airport;
b) all instruction given by the Immigration in the interest of border control.
6.3. APS is entitled to block the use of Saphire Card by Member, whether or not temporarily, with immediate effect in the event that Member fails to comply with instructions referred to the previous paragraph, abuses the use of Saphire Card, or acts in violation of any part of Agreement.
7. Personal Data
7.1. APS collects the personal data of Member written in the application form, biometric data, as well as data on the use of Saphire facility (-ies) by Member.
7.2. APS will keep all the data confidentially unless requested by the competent authorities.
7.3. The data store in Saphire Card and Saphire system is the card number, travel documents data, template of biometric, photo, name, place of birth and Member’s date of birth which is incorporated for providing Saphire facilities.
7.4. The purpose of processing personal data within the scope Saphire is to support and facilitate Members to make use the facilities provided at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport – Jakarta (and other airports at later stage) in any designated way, and to grant preferential treatment to Members in the broadest possible sense, based on careful examination of the data on Member’s use of Saphire facility (-ies).
7.5. Within the scope of the above mentioned purposes; the following data will be processed in any case when using then EIS.I Card facility:
– the date and time at which the Card is inserted into card reader of the Automatic Border passage, Immigration shall be provided with personal data required for the performance of its duties.
7.6. After Member given his/her approval on the application form, APS grants the Member for giving out the services provided by Saphire to its Member.
7.7. If Member objects to receive any benefits from third parties, Member can make this known by sending an email to info@saphire.co.id  or by calling +62-21-55.910.910.
7.8. APS will, except in cases where the law so requires and in cases mentioned in this Agreement, not provide the Member’s personal data to other person or institution other than APS in case Member does object. APS will undertake every effort to regularly check personal data for accuracy, and to remove old, no longer relevant data in time.
7.9. Member can inspect his/her own travel data after having made a written request to that effect to APS. Upon the request of Member, APS shall provide an overview of Member’s travel data or other data’s collected within the scope of the Saphire. Member may request APS, if desired, to correct inaccuracies, add missing data, and remove irrelevant or superfluous data. Member can address all queries or complaints to info@saphire.co.id . or telephone number +62-21-55.910.910
7.10. Member shall immediately notify APS in writing of any change in his/her personal/ travel data’s) as mentioned on the application form. APS shall notify Member of any changes in Member’s personal/ travel data’s).
8. Liability
8.1 The liability of APS for damage that is in any way connected with the Saphire Card and/or any facilities of Saphire shall be limited to the Annual Fee paid on the current year by Member.
9. “Exit Permit Only” Process
9.1. In the event member on the process of “Exit Permit Only”, member should return Saphire card to APS/Immigration.
9.2. Upon the Exit Permit Only process, Member not allowed to use the facility of EIS.I Card.
9.3. In the event member on the process of “Exit Permit Only’ and the period of membership still valid, APS not obliged to refund the annual fee paid by the member.
10. Duration and Termination
10.1. The Agreement is concluded for as long as the validity of its Saphire membership. Either party shall have the right to terminate the Agreement in writing with due observance of a notice period of two months.
10.2. In the event that Member fails to comply with the provisions of the Agreement, APS may dissolve this Agreement without judicial intervention and waive the stipulation of Article 1266 and Article 1267 of Indonesian Civil Code with immediate effect in whole or in part, if such failure justifies dissolution according to APS’s reasonable judgement. In that case, APS shall have the right to set off any amounts already paid by the Member against the cost made by APS in connection with the Member’s failure and the dissolution of the Agreement.
10.3. After termination of the Agreement, Member must return the Saphire Card to APS.
11. Choice of law and resolution of disputes
11.1 The Agreement is subject to the law of the Republic of Indonesia.
11.2 Either Party has to submit a dispute to the competent Indonesian court in Tangerang, Banten for resolution in the event that the conflict cannot be solved by mutual consolation.