Further Informations

Saphire card lost, theft or damaged

You need to report a lost or stolen card to the Saphire Service Center. Your card will be blocked immediately. To obtain a new card, you need to visit the Saphire Service Center. The Lost Report from local Police Office will be required.

When your card is damaged and no longer functions, you also need to report to the Saphire Service Center and make a visit for a new card. Please contact the Saphire Service Center by phone +62 21 55.910.910 or e-mail us at member@saphire.co.id

New passport/ visa permit

Your Saphire card should always contain the latest details as shown in your passport and visa permits. Should your passport or visa permits expired, you, or someone on your behalf, will be required to present an original document of the new valid passport or visa permits at the Saphire Service Centre. The expiry date of your new passport or visa permits will be registered in Saphire’s database. As an additional service, we will inform and invite you to the Saphire Service Centre before the expiry date of your passport or visa permits.


If one of your travel documents is expired you will lose the right to use the Automatic Border Passage (ABP). Your other privileges will not be affected.