PT. Angkasa Pura Schiphol, company who has developed Saphire, which gives a preferential treatment at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and other airports at later stage by providing Saphire Services.

The person who concluded the Saphire Membership Agreement with APS and already enrolled in the Saphire system.

The package of exclusive airport services program offered by APS special to its Members.

Electronic Information System – Immigration Card (EIS-I Card)
One of Saphire facility which enables Member to fast track the immigration clearance process electronically upon departure/ arrival.

Preferred Security Lane
One of Saphire facility provides a special lane exclusively intended for Member to do security check before entering the check-in area.

Preferred Airline Check In
One of Saphire facility which provides a special check in counter at participating airlines, exclusively for the Member.

Preferred Parking
One of Saphire facility which provides a special parking area exclusively for the Members.

Preferred Check-in Lounge
One of Saphire facility which provides a special check-in lounge for the Members.

This Saphire membership agreement between Member and APS with regard to Saphire facilities.

Saphire Card
Card with the chip (whether or not equipped with a magnetic strip) with the Member’s personal and travel data in it that enables the Member to make use of Saphire facilities.

Saphire Service Centre
Where all the activities (enrolment, membership account closing, card replacement, updating data etc) related to the Saphire membership shall take place.

Annual Fee
Membership fee charged annually to Member by APS as a compensation for providing the Saphire facilities.

Travel Document
The valid travel documents (Passport, KITAS/KITAP, Visa Permit) which is needed by Member to travel aboard.

Angkasa Pura
PT Angkasa Pura II (persero) and/or PT Angkasa Pura I (persero), state owned enterprises, who are given the authority by the government to manage the airports in Indonesia.